Advertising is dead long live content marketing!

So perhaps you have noticed that advertising cost a lot of money and is not really getting you the result you wish. The best way to evaluate advertising is to ask yourself, how do you feel when you are watching your movie or program and you get interrupted by some advertisement? Or if you are having family dinner and a sales guy or girl calls you up trying to convince you to buy his or her product? You know exactly how that feels. This is why advertisement is dead.

We have grown to naturally evade or ignore advertisement. And what do the most marketing companies in return? They try even harder to enforce advertisement on you.

But can you make a small step back to what were you  doing before you  have been interrupted? You were watching a program or a movie, something you like or were interested by? How do we call this? Yep that’s content. Somebody made it and you were enjoying it. In everyday live we are always looking for good content, it colours our life and we need good content to grow, we need it to know what to think and we need it for entertainment. Basically you are wanting this content and therefore it makes you feel good. So that’s content.

Now we add the word marketing to content, so lets explore what that means and how will this affect our audience.

The word marketing is basically saying getting the market. Getting the market is meaning influencing the customers in the market to choose your product or service and we used to do this in for thousands of years by telling stories. This is how our brain works and what we want to hear. Nice good stories of value and entertainment. This is what we remember. Just think of how a good story affect you? If you like the story you will probably share it with your friend of acquaintance. Therefore the definition of content marketing is telling valuable stories.

In my next post I will be writing about, the way how you can use content marketing to grow your business . If your interested stay tuned I will  post regularly every Tuesday around 11:00.